Home is a Feeling

Imagine finding words to describe the feeling of walking into your home. There’s comfort and warmth, familiarity and contentment. It’s a place you long to return to and a place you feel belonging. Home is a peaceful place where you rest while simultaneously being full of joy and excitement. Regardless of what your address is, when your surroundings create that feeling, you know you are home.  

At Miravida Living, our innovative care creates the feeling of home to Bethel Home, Eden Meadows and Elijah’s Place. Here are some of the ways: 

  • Namaste Care program slows the world down and provides one to one care in an environment enriched with essential oils, nature videos, calming music for residents living with dementia. Meaningful activities are offered, including hand and foot massages and personal grooming with familiar products in a warm, inviting room bringing participants to a peaceful, calming, pleasing space. 
  • Cycling Without Age is an international movement using rickshaws to get residents outside, sun on their faces, wind in their hair while creating intergenerational relationships with volunteer pilots.  
  • Barking dogs, tails wagging, cats cuddling on laps describes Noah’s Landing pet therapy at Miravida Living. The companionship of pets is part of everyday life. 
  • Touching Spirits is an integrated approach to caring for the body, mind and spirit focused on opportunities for connection and joy through Healing Touch, reiki, aromatherapy, essential oils, massages, guided imagery and visualization, seated tai chi and music therapies like harps, drum circles and more. 
  • Our ministry team spans the campus to provide spirit-filled experiences that brings comfort, joy and love 

Home is a feeling. And that feeling lives here.