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Thirteen Lutheran churches in Oshkosh established Miravida Living, formerly Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh, Inc. Their vision was to provide a senior living community where living joyful and fulfilling lives was expected. This vision laid the foundation for the next 60 years…



Thirteen Lutheran churches in Oshkosh came together to establish what we now know as Miravida Living, formerly known as Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh, Inc. Their collective vision was nothing short of visionary: to create a senior living community where the expectation was for residents to lead joyful and fulfilling lives. This vision not only shaped the very essence of our organization but also laid a sturdy foundation for our unwavering commitment to pioneering a fresh and transformative senior living experience.



In 1966, the organization took its first momentous step towards its mission of providing exceptional senior care by opening Bethel Home, a 102 bed community. Over the course of a decade, our commitment to meeting the growing needs of the elderly led to a significant expansion in 1976. During this transformative year, Bethel Home constructed a substantial addition, adding 98 more beds to accommodate a greater number of seniors seeking compassionate and high-quality care. These pivotal moments in our history underscore our enduring dedication to serving the aging population and our unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for seniors in our community.



The development of the Simeanna Apartments stands as a testament to our organization's responsiveness to community needs. Following a comprehensive community survey, we embarked on a transformative journey in 1968. In 1972, we proudly opened the doors to Simeanna I, providing 81 units of comfortable and secure living for seniors. The success of this venture inspired us to do even more. In 1977, Simeanna II came to life, with an additional 61 units designed to meet the growing demand for senior housing. And in 1979, our commitment culminated in the launch of Simeanna III, further expanding the Simeanna community and accommodating an additional wave of residents. Today, the Simeannas stand as a thriving and independent 55+ community, with a total of 250 residents, embodying our organization's unwavering dedication to creating vibrant, complete, and supportive environments for our cherished senior population.



Recognizing the growing demand for independent senior living in Oshkosh, our organization embarked on a visionary project in 1983 – the construction of Carmel Residence. This unique community, designed with a condo-style focus, aimed to provide a new living experience for individuals aged 55 and above. In 1985, Carmel Residence proudly opened its doors, offering 30 inviting and spacious units that immediately became home to many seniors. Two years later, in 1987, the community took its final shape with the addition of 24 more units, solidifying its status as a complete and thriving haven for independent senior living. Today, Carmel Residence stands as a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our senior population, providing a welcoming and vibrant environment. It boasts its own pub area, a relaxing patio lounge, and a newly remodeled dining room, ensuring residents can savor a rich and fulfilling retirement experience.



At the forefront of innovation, Miravida Living set its sights on addressing the evolving needs of seniors by envisioning a memory care community. In 1994, our organization achieved a momentous milestone in senior care with the creation of Elijah's Place. This specialized memory care community, featuring 12 thoughtfully designed beds, marked a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with memory-related challenges.

Elijah's Place embodies our dedication to fostering a close-knit community and providing highly personalized care, ensuring that residents receive the support and attention they deserve.



Miravida Living continued to be a proactive force in senior care, recognizing the importance of offering diverse opportunities for seniors to embrace their next season of life. In response to a gap in assisted living options, our organization took a significant step forward in 1997 with the opening of Gabriel's Villa. This welcoming community, featuring 30 beds, became a vital resource for seniors seeking assistance while maintaining their independence and quality of life. Gabriel's Villa stands as a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of seniors and ensuring that they have a range of thoughtful and supportive options as they journey through their later years.



In the year 2010, Miravida Living continued its commitment to providing innovative and personalized senior care with the opening of Eden Meadows. This remarkable facility, featuring 30 beds with a strong focus on rehabilitation, as well as the introduction of two Green House Homes, was a significant addition to our continuum of care. Eden Meadows Green House Homes, each accommodating 10 residents, have redefined skilled nursing communities. Based on the Green House Homes model, they offer a revolutionary approach to long-term care, emphasizing a more home-like environment, where residents have greater autonomy and control over their daily lives. This unique model promotes a sense of belonging, empowerment, and enhanced quality of life, making Eden Meadows a place where residents not only receive excellent care but also truly feel at home.



For more than five decades, Miravida Living has dedicated itself to serving the needs of elders, providing peace of mind to their loved ones, and offering meaningful, purposeful work for our dedicated employees. Throughout our history, we have been recognized for our leadership in pioneering new approaches to care. We have consistently been at the forefront of introducing innovative options for apartment living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitative care, and dementia care.

Our evolving perspective prompted us to embark on a journey of rebranding. We sought a name that would encapsulate the spirit of our innovation, portray life within our community without confining it to rigid definitions, and ignite inspiration for the future. This quest for the perfect name ultimately led to the creation of a brand-new word – Miravida. Derived from Latin roots, "Mir" signifies curiosity and wonder, while "Vi" represents life. Miravida beautifully reflects our commitment to nurturing a sense of wonder and vitality in the lives of those we serve.



While our story has been significantly defined by the construction of remarkable buildings, we recognize that true community strength lies beyond bricks and mortar. While these structures have undoubtedly made our community substantial, we have shifted our focus away from traditional brick and mortar expansion plans. Instead, our primary emphasis now is on our services and the profound impact they have on providing our residents with opportunities for extraordinary experiences.

This fundamental shift has ignited a wave of creativity within our organization, inspiring the launch of innovative programs that place our elders at the center of everything we do. Today, our work is no longer just about physical spaces; it's about creating moments of connection and joy for our residents. We are committed to enriching their lives through meaningful interactions, memorable experiences, and a deep sense of community, embracing a philosophy that values the human spirit above all else.

The Miravida Living Community continues to be guided by representation from the original 13 founding congregations. Our board of directors and team care for elders across our nine-building campus, focusing on 55+ Retirement Living, Assisted Living, Respite and Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation.



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the history team for their diligent research and dedicated efforts in creating a comprehensive timeline of Miravida Living. Thanks to your hard work, we can now fully appreciate and celebrate the rich tapestry of our journey. Your commitment to preserving and showcasing our history not only honors our past but also enlightens our present. Your contribution allows us all to enjoy and reflect upon the remarkable story that has shaped Miravida Living into the vibrant community it is today. Thank you for helping us keep our legacy alive and accessible to everyone.


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