A Heart the Size of a Horse

The best relationships are often guided by conversations about passions and interests. That’s why it was no secret to residents at Gabriel’s Villa that Linda Hanson has a passion for horses. Linda, a part-time employee, has been verbally sharing her passion with residents for years. She often described experiences, conveyed stories through pictures and shared the wonder that exists at TLH Farms Boarding and Event Source Stablesowned by her and her husband.  

Linda dreamed of sharing her passion and love of horses with residents, beyond stories and photographs. It was heart’s desire for residents to share in her experiences. With determination and a lot of support from Miravida team, residents traveled to TLH Farms this summer.  

Residents interacted with the horses, better understanding their strength and gentleness. Many observed the powerful connection between horses and people, especially Linda. Witnessing this relationship helped residents better appreciate Linda’s passion and in turn, deepened their relationship with her. 

At Miravida Living, we strive to understand personal passions and create opportunities to share them with one another.  Special thanks to Linda for inviting residents into her life with horses.  Knowing your heart is the size of a horse, it is with awe and amazement, we thank you.