We invite you to visit with your loved one by scheduling a video visit (online) or an outdoor tent visit (onsite). Please review our HELPFUL HINTS and GUIDELINES below, prior to scheduling your visit. This face-to-face opportunity will lift spirits and renew souls, we can’t wait to see you.

VIDEO VISIT (online)

A video visit is an opportunity to visit with your loved one face-to-face, through a computer. Using Zoom, our preferred platform, you can visually connect from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Our Miravida Team Member will assist your loved one with a tablet to visually interact with you.

Zoom is our preferred platform to visually connect you to your loved one. This is a free service and our team will send you the meeting invite at the time of your scheduled call. This will link you into the system and works from your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you’d like to run a test meeting to ensure your device is ready, click here.

About 15 minutes before your meeting time, our Life Enrichment team member will send the Zoom link to your provided email. This will give you time to launch the meeting, and allow our team to prepare your loved one. You are not required to sign in or make an account. The link should take you directly into the meeting. 

At the scheduled time, our Miravida Team Member  will connect to the Zoom link which was sent to you shortly before. Please join that meeting link as well. Miravida Living will be using a tablet so your loved one may hold it close and interact well with you. Please be patient if we connect shortly after the scheduled time, our first priority will be to make sure your loved one is comfortable and ready. 

Our Life Enrichment team member will work specifically with you to launch the meeting. Zoom can accommodate many participants and you are welcome to invite others to your call by sending on the link or sharing the meeting ID. Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to manually join a Zoom meeting. If you choose to invite more family and friends, please be mindful that this sort of technology can become overwhelming when too many faces and voices are coming through. You know your loved one best and we trust you’ll make a the right decision for them, relative to how many additional participants to invite.

If you’re not quite comfortable with using Zoom, please consider these additional resources to learn more:

TENT VISITS (onsite)

A tent visit is an opportunity to visit with your loved one face-to-face, through the safety of a clear, plastic tent. Miravida has prepared a visiting tent at each location with a seating area on the outside, and space for your loved one to comfortably sit on the inside, just behind the clear shield. Our team member will assist your loved one to the tent at the time of your scheduled visit and ensure you are all comfortable and able to communicate with one another.

In addition to counting down to the visit (we, too, are incredibly excited to see you exchange face-to-face smiles with your loved one), we want you to be prepared. To honor the number of visit requests, we will ask that you are respectful of your 30 minute timeline. You will need to be wearing masks as you approach the tent and therefore we ask that you make sure you have those in hand. Also, this visit is outside – so please dress accordingly. Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors into our building, so please be sure to use the restroom before you arrive. 

And we know the excitement of a tent visit makes it tempting to invite the neighborhood… however, our hope is that you pause and consider what is in the best interest of your loved one. Remember how overwhelming large conversations can be and try to consider more frequent visits with fewer people. For this reason and to follow the guidance of our professional partners, tent visits recommend a ratio of two visitors at a time per elder.

Please review the remaining information here and you should be prepared!

BETHEL HOME: The visiting tent will be located just off the front doors. Family and friends can park in the main parking lot which offers direct access to the tent. Please keep in mind, Eagle Street is currently under construction! Our Bethel parking lot connects (with a bit of winding) to the Simeanna Apartment parking lots, so feel free to enter from N. Westfield St. and work your way to the front of Bethel. Here’s a link that may be helpful. 

EDEN MEADOWS: The visiting tent will be located on the Bistro Patio. Guests can park in the rehabilitation parking lot and proceed to the Bistro Patio.

ELIJAH’S PLACE: Guests can access the visiting tent out front and walk directly toward the front of the building. Family and friends may park in the adjacent parking lot to the west side of Elijah’s Place.

GABRIEL’S VILLA: The visiting tent will be located on the front patio just off the front entrance. Guests are invited to park in the main lot for visits.

Allowing these tent visits is a privilege that we don’t take lightly. It is important that all parties respect the guidelines so together, we can continue this opportunity while keeping our residents, our team and you safe. Please respect our non-negotiable guidelines throughout the duration of your visit:

  • Masks are required as family members approach and interact with the Miravida Team Member. Once positions are set on opposite sides of the visiting tent, masks may be removed for the duration of the conversation. Upon leaving, masks are again required.
  • Chairs in the visiting area need to remain at a social distance of 6 feet (yes, even between you and those you live with… because masks will be removed during the visit we must honor the 6 feet of social distancing among all participants).
  • Residents must stay behind the visiting tent plastic for the duration of the visit.
  • Family and friends must stay on the outside of the visiting tent for the duration of the visit.
  • Please refrain from any physical contact with the tent, but blow all the kisses you’d like! This is enforced for safety and to maintain the clear integrity of the plastic. Continued cleaning of that surface will produce smudges that will interrupt the view of your loved one, so please refrain from touching the tent. 
  • We love Fido your dog… and Buttons your cat… but we are not ready to host pets as part of the tent visits. So please leave your beloved animals at home and enjoy the visit pet-free for now.
  • The Miravida Team Member will be present during the visit, but sitting at a short distance from the visiting tent to respect the privacy of your conversation.
  • If you choose to bring a snack or treat to enjoy together, please allow the Miravida Team Member to accept it from you and they will help serve the elder.
  • If hearing one another through the visiting tent plastic is a challenge, you may notify the team member and they will provide available technology to improve hearing.
  • We are asking visitors to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the visitation area, which we will provide.
  • Per the guidance we follow, we recommend that visits should be two visitors at a time per elder.
  • If your loved one has been recently admitted to our campus, we are required to delay any tent visits for 14 days for the safety of the resident and for you. Please consider opting for a video chat in the meantime and schedule your tent visit out 14 days from their admission.

Upon arrival, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and take your temperature. If you have ANY of the symptoms listed below, an in-person visit will not be allowed. Here are the symptoms… if you find yourself feeling any of these, please stay home and reschedule your visit to a later date. And until you’re feeling better, consider scheduling a video visit!

  • Temperature over 100.4
  • Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Congestion
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • New Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sore Throat 

If a building has had a positive staff or resident case in the last 28 days, tent visits will be postponed until we are 28 days with no positive cases. Each building is treated individually. If a building is NOT allowing tent visits, the option will be UNAVAILABLE in the schedule.

Our scheduling system now houses BOTH options for visits; Video (using Zoom) and In-Person Tent Visits (on-site). You can expect to see similar confirmations and reminders just as you had before. You will now be able to cancel or reschedule directly through your email reminder.  Please be respectful of others and the capacity of our team by scheduling once a week. Enjoy the new features and ENJOY YOUR VISIT! 

Reminder: To successfully schedule a visit, your selections of  STAFF and the BUILDING WHERE YOUR LOVED ONE LIVES must match to ensure our team is available at your preferred time (selecting a staff appears optional or that you can choose anyone, but it is actually required). If you prefer not to schedule using this system, please feel free to call us at (920) 235-3454.


As this difficult season is upon us, we are encouraging you to be innovative in staying in touch. Consider sending a written (typed) message to your loved one through our website – don’t forget you can upload a photo too! We will be doing mail-calls daily and would love to delivery your message!


Select your

To successfully schedule a visit, your selections of STAFF and the BUILDING WHERE YOUR LOVED ONE LIVES must match to ensure our team is available at your preferred time. So, although selecting staff appears optional or that you can choose anyone, for our purposes we kindly ask that you choose staff from the building where your loved one lives.