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Your connection with your loved one is a priority. We are dedicated to supporting that relationship and have created multiple ways for you to visit with your loved one. We look forward to seeing your smile soon.

We are delighted to invite an unlimited number of family members and friends (even when our facilities are in an outbreak status) to visit our campus. For the convenience of families and community, we provide scheduled video visits. Please scroll down for details to schedule your video visit. We look forward to seeing your smile soon!



A video visit is an opportunity to visit with your loved one face-to-face, through a computer. Using Zoom, our preferred platform, you can visually connect from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Our Miravida Team Member will assist your loved one with a tablet to visually interact with you.

If you’re not quite comfortable with using Zoom, please consider these additional resources to learn more:

Zoom is our preferred platform to visually connect you to your loved one. This is a free service and our team will send you the meeting invite at the time of your scheduled call. This will link you into the system and works from your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you’d like to run a test meeting to ensure your device is ready, click here.

About 15 minutes before your meeting time, our Life Enrichment team member will send the Zoom link to your provided email. This will give you time to launch the meeting, and allow our team to prepare your loved one. You are not required to sign in or make an account. The link should take you directly into the meeting. 

At the scheduled time, our Miravida Team Member  will connect to the Zoom link which was sent to you shortly before. Please join that meeting link as well. Miravida Living will be using a tablet so your loved one may hold it close and interact well with you. Please be patient if we connect shortly after the scheduled time, our first priority will be to make sure your loved one is comfortable and ready. 

Our Life Enrichment team member will work specifically with you to launch the meeting. Zoom can accommodate many participants and you are welcome to invite others to your call by sending on the link or sharing the meeting ID. Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to manually join a Zoom meeting. If you choose to invite more family and friends, please be mindful that this sort of technology can become overwhelming when too many faces and voices are coming through. You know your loved one best and we trust you’ll make a the right decision for them, relative to how many additional participants to invite.


Offered here, are alternative visiting options to ensure you have opportunities to connect with your loved one. Begin scheduling by choosing the location where your loved one lives. For assistance in scheduling your visit, feel free to call us at (920) 235-3454.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recently provided guidance on offering visits to an unlimited number of family members and friends even when our facilities are in an outbreak status. The following actions are required:

  • Visitors who have tested positive for COVID, have symptoms of COVID, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine, should not enter the facility.
  • All visitors including children must be entered into the trace log. Visitors two-years-old and older must wear a well-fitted mask.
  • Visitors are asked to maintain social distancing of six feet.
  • If possible, when a large group of visitors is coming, please let us know and we will try to find a space to safely accommodate everyone. While we will work with you on having a large group of visitors, the public health department does not recommend large groups due to the high level of COVID transmission in Winnebago County and surrounding areas.