Dear Friends,

As 2021 comes to a close, we reflect on how you joined together, as a community, to improve the lives of those we serve. Your ongoing investments help maintain the same foundation and vision that Miravida Living was built on 57 years ago; providing seniors a community where they can live a life of wonder and joy. Your contributions in 2021 brought opportunities for expanded one-to-one care by hospitality aides, new technologies to connect residents with loved ones when our doors were closed, and innovative services for all residents. Your gifts matter and help Miravida fulfill its commitment to people as they grow older.

Donations of any amount make a significant difference. Your generosity directly touches the lives of those we serve. As we look towards 2022, we have identified three focus areas to improve the lives of our residents and their families. Please consider contributing to our overall ministry or designate your gift according to your preference.



Theresa M. Bertram 
Chief Executive Officer


Together, we provide a supportive community for people as they grow older.

Your generous support of our 2021 initiatives allowed our elders and their families to experience:


Your contribution helped support the purchase of tablets and expanded technology. These tools brought our community together through live-stream worship, hymn sing-a-longs, family visits, exercise sessions, resident broadcasts, cooking demonstrations and more.


Bethel Home was the first skilled nursing facility in Wisconsin, and one of 14 in the country, to receive certification as a Post-Acute Care Heart Failure Center through the American Heart Association (AHA). This program improves the outcomes of patients with chronic heart failure. Your gifts offset training and equipment expenses necessary for the program to be a success.


Creating moments of connection, joy and delight in the lives of our residents remains a priority. Your donation ensured innovative programs like Healing Touch™ and Namaste Care continue to flourish and nourish the mind, body and soul so growing older is as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Thank You.


Your generosity touches the lives of those we serve and we thank you for making a difference.

Your support of the Miravida Living Foundation secures our 2022 mission and ministry.


We learned a great deal when the pandemic disrupted our daily lives forcing us to prioritize the health and safety of our elders, team and community over open doors and in-person visits. In response to increased isolation, your 2021 support funded Hospitality Aides. This role is unique in its focus as hospitality aides commit their energy to the emotional and spiritual well-being of our residents. Watching this temporary role unfold, we saw the benefits to our elders as well as support of our core team. Although we have returned to some pre-COVID practices, we recognize great value in the hospitality aide and plan to extend its place in our community. Your gift will support this program and bring personalized joy and wonder to our residents.


We are about the important work of delivering a life of possibilities filled with joy and wonder. It is one of our core commitments. We also believe our elders deserve the best quality, compassionate care and freedom to participate in programs and outings regardless of their ability to pay. As a non-profit organization, we welcome residents unable to fully pay for their care. It is because of your generosity and gifts that about 75% of residents enjoy experiences like art classes provided by local artists and lunch outings they may have otherwise missed.


The exploration of knowledge is a significant part of who we are as an organization. We encourage our elders to continue their journey of learning with curiosity and wonder... and we advocate for our team and surrounding community to do the same. With on-site CNA certification classes, extended learning opportunities for innovative care, and ongoing instruction of leading-edge techniques, a dynamic classroom is necessary. Your gift to support this initiative equips future healthcare professionals and current team members to prepare their minds, hearts and hands to serve.

join us in the work ahead.

Miravida Giving Options

Support the adventures of tomorrow with a planned gift to Miravida Living. Planned gifts can take the form of a bequest in a will or a deferred gift.

To determine what gift is best for you and the people you want to benefit, we recommend you seek counsel with an attorney specializing in estate planning. Our Miravida Living Foundation  director is available to assist you and your attorney with planning.

Cash gifts significantly magnify opportunities and experiences for people residing at Miravida Living. They are deductible in accordance with state and federal regulations, and they may be pledged over a period of five years.
For cash or check donations, fill out our contribution form.

Miravida Living can immediately use long-term appreciated securities to support our programs, and you receive an immediate tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes.

Please consult your attorney for more information about the benefits and regulations surrounding gifts of stocks and securities. When you decide to donate, please notify the Miravida Living Foundation by mailing or faxing a copy of your transfer instructions. This is how we will identify your generous gift when it arrives.

Gifts of cash, securities, real estate and tangible personal property through your estate support our nonprofit programs and services. We are incredibly grateful for all of the following:

  • Specific bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives a specific dollar amount, piece of property or state percentage of your estate.
  • Residuary bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives all or a stated percentage of an estate after distribution of specific bequests and payment of debts, taxes and expenses.
  • Contingent bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives all or part of an estate under certain specified circumstances.
  • Trust established under a will: A trust may be established to provide for both the Miravida Living community and other beneficiaries.

You can designate bequests for current use or to establish an endowed fund for specific purposes. We recommend your specific purpose bequest be stated as a preference because the needs of people living in our community change over time. This ensures your gift will support our work as we continue to innovate and excel.

Please consult with your attorney for more information about donating through wills and bequests.

You are able to support yourself, your spouse and our elders through a deferred gift to the Miravida Living Foundation. This type of donation can function as an income and a charitable income tax deduction. 

Gift options include charitable gift annuity, deferred gift annuity and charitable remainder trusts. All require a minimum donation level and can benefit any part of the Miravida community. Please consult with your attorney to determine which option best fits your needs and intentions.

Donating personal property to our community is a wonderful way to support our needs and values. Gifts often include antiques, works of art, furniture, jewelry, rare books and valuable collections. We cannot assign value to your donations, according to IRS regulations. You must establish a value for the gift and provide a qualified appraisal for tangible property valued at more than $5,000. You must also complete IRS Form 8282 for items worth more than $500. Please mail the completed form to the Miravida Living Foundation.

Miravida Living is proud to work with Thrivent Financial through the Thrivent Choice program. It allows Thrivent members to recommend where some of the company’s charitable outreach funds go. Donations support our innovative programs and the Miravida community.

Many employers are incredibly generous and will double or triple the amount you donate to us. This truly magnifies the scope and impact of our work. To participate in gift matching, fill out your employer’s gift matching form and send it to the Miravida Living Foundation with your donation, making sure to comply with your company’s guidelines. Thrivent Financial’s Thrivent Choice Program is an excellent example of an employer match program. We are grateful for their continued support.

Honor a loved one’s life path with a tribute gift. Many elders and their families support our community by naming Miravida Living as a recipient for memorials or honorariums. 

Memorials keep the memory of a loved one alive, while honorariums are like community-wide celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Memorial gifts of $1,000 or more are listed on our donor recognition display in Bethel Home. When giving an honorarium, we send a greeting to the person the donation honors to mark the special occasion.