Dear Friends,

At Miravida Living, we foster an environment where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control flourish, guiding our service to residents. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Our foundation is vital in supplementing our organization’s needs beyond medical care, allowing us to serve the mind, body, and spirit of our residents. Your contribution sustains these efforts, making a profound impact on our cherished elders.

Thanks to your generosity, the Miravida Living Foundation enriches the lives of all our residents, including the 75% who rely on it for experiences like art classes and outings. Your support ensures that every resident enjoys quality care and opportunities.

Thank you for being part of the Miravida Living family and enriching the lives of those we serve.

With heartfelt gratitude,


Theresa M. Bertram 
Chief Executive Officer

your gift matters...

Together, we provide a supportive community for people as they grow older.

The Miravida Living Foundation is the gateway to delivering a life of opportunities filled with joy and wonder to every elder. This year the Foundation funds will focus on;

Priority 1: We Live Joyfully

Elevating Wellness | Your contributions will help fund the development of a safe and interactive walking path around our campus, promoting physical and mental well-being through essential outdoor time and the rejuvenating effects of green spaces for our residents.

Priority 2: We Cultivate Peacefulness

Creating Tranquil Spaces | Your support will enable us to transform select areas into more comfortable, tranquil spaces where residents can come together, share experiences, and strengthen relationships. These updates include comfortable seating areas, inspiring art installations, greenery, and a dedicated sensory space, providing residents with inviting places for relaxation and connection.

Priority 3: We Love Others

Opportunities for Every Resident | This priority means fostering inclusivity and compassion by supplementing care for those on fixed budgets, ensuring every resident can access enriching experiences such as art classes, cultural outings, and engaging activities.

Thank You.


Your generosity touches the lives of those we serve and we thank you for making a difference.

Your support of the Miravida Living Foundation secures our 2024 mission and ministry.

join us in the work ahead.

Miravida Giving Options

Support the adventures of tomorrow with a planned gift to Miravida Living. Planned gifts can take the form of a bequest in a will or a deferred gift.

To determine what gift is best for you and the people you want to benefit, we recommend you seek counsel with an attorney specializing in estate planning. Our Miravida Living Foundation  director is available to assist you and your attorney with planning.

Cash gifts significantly magnify opportunities and experiences for people residing at Miravida Living. They are deductible in accordance with state and federal regulations, and they may be pledged over a period of five years.
For cash or check donations, fill out our contribution form.

Miravida Living can immediately use long-term appreciated securities to support our programs, and you receive an immediate tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes.

Please consult your attorney for more information about the benefits and regulations surrounding gifts of stocks and securities. When you decide to donate, please notify the Miravida Living Foundation by mailing or faxing a copy of your transfer instructions. This is how we will identify your generous gift when it arrives.

Gifts of cash, securities, real estate and tangible personal property through your estate support our nonprofit programs and services. We are incredibly grateful for all of the following:

  • Specific bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives a specific dollar amount, piece of property or state percentage of your estate.
  • Residuary bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives all or a stated percentage of an estate after distribution of specific bequests and payment of debts, taxes and expenses.
  • Contingent bequest: The Miravida Living Foundation receives all or part of an estate under certain specified circumstances.
  • Trust established under a will: A trust may be established to provide for both the Miravida Living community and other beneficiaries.

You can designate bequests for current use or to establish an endowed fund for specific purposes. We recommend your specific purpose bequest be stated as a preference because the needs of people living in our community change over time. This ensures your gift will support our work as we continue to innovate and excel.

Please consult with your attorney for more information about donating through wills and bequests.

You are able to support yourself, your spouse and our elders through a deferred gift to the Miravida Living Foundation. This type of donation can function as an income and a charitable income tax deduction. 

Gift options include charitable gift annuity, deferred gift annuity and charitable remainder trusts. All require a minimum donation level and can benefit any part of the Miravida community. Please consult with your attorney to determine which option best fits your needs and intentions.

Donating personal property to our community is a wonderful way to support our needs and values. Gifts often include antiques, works of art, furniture, jewelry, rare books and valuable collections. We cannot assign value to your donations, according to IRS regulations. You must establish a value for the gift and provide a qualified appraisal for tangible property valued at more than $5,000. You must also complete IRS Form 8282 for items worth more than $500. Please mail the completed form to the Miravida Living Foundation.

Miravida Living is proud to work with Thrivent Financial through the Thrivent Choice program. It allows Thrivent members to recommend where some of the company’s charitable outreach funds go. Donations support our innovative programs and the Miravida community.

Many employers are incredibly generous and will double or triple the amount you donate to us. This truly magnifies the scope and impact of our work. To participate in gift matching, fill out your employer’s gift matching form and send it to the Miravida Living Foundation with your donation, making sure to comply with your company’s guidelines. Thrivent Financial’s Thrivent Choice Program is an excellent example of an employer match program. We are grateful for their continued support.

Honor a loved one’s life path with a tribute gift. Many elders and their families support our community by naming Miravida Living as a recipient for memorials or honorariums. 

Memorials keep the memory of a loved one alive, while honorariums are like community-wide celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Memorial gifts of $1,000 or more are listed on our donor recognition display in Bethel Home. When giving an honorarium, we send a greeting to the person the donation honors to mark the special occasion.