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In these announcements, we will include both important staff information and fun upcoming events planned for our team.  We invite you to participate and know that when you allow yourself to enjoy these team moments, your joy becomes contagious and we all benefit... residents as well as those around you. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date information from across campus. 

Let's Celebrate Chaplain Cathie's Retirement // Join us on June 30, 2021 for a retirement celebration honoring Chaplain Cathie Vander Velden.

JUNE 30, 2021

  • 10:30 am Worship in the Memorial Garden
  • 11:30 am Outdoor Lunch Reception

The celebration will begin at 10:30 am with Worship in the Memorial Garden, followed by an 11:30 am outdoor lunch reception on the Bethel Home Campus. Boxed meals will be provided under the canopy of Bethel Home for those who RSVP’d. Those attending, please bring a lawn chair. Please RSVP before June 24th here.

Seating will be coordinated in a socially distanced arrangement.


Bethel Team You're Invited!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THURSDAY, JULY 8th // In congratulations on a successful survey we will be celebrating together! Grab your nearest team member and head down to the activity room in the Bethel basement for sandwiches, chips, and drinks. You and your contributions made this success possible and we want to celebrate you. 

In June we are celebrating a combined total of 250 YEARS of contributions to Miravida, by some of the most amazing team members. Let's be sure to recognize them for their commitment to our elders and to one another. We are fortunate you have chosen to be part of the Miravida family!

As much as we want to celebrate you, we also respect your privacy. To opt out of having your name on the calendar, send us an email.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky that this amazing group of individuals has chosen to join the Miravida team this month.  We look forward to supporting your success and helping you shine as you embrace your new role.


  • Madisyn, Hospitality Aide at Bethel Home
  • Geralyn, Community Services Coordinator at Carmel and The Simeannas
  • Makenna, Culinary Service Associate at Eden Meadows
  • Lauren, House Manager at Elijah's Place
  • Brianna, Resident Caregiver at Elijah's Place
  • Brian, Cook at Eden Meadows
  • Steve, Maintenance Tech at Bethel Home
  • Ella, Hospitality Aide at Bethel Home
  • Alyssah, Environmental Services Associate at Bethel Home
  • Sarah, Certified Nurse Aide at Bethel Home
  • Mackenzie, Hospitality Aide at Eden Meadows

This team page is great to communicate with our employees across campus - but we also want to see your smiles. Send in your photo so we can update the banner on this page more frequently!

Just make sure your image is horizontal in nature... and that you're giving us your best Miravida smile!

Email your photo to: info@miravidaliving.com

*by sending your photo, you agree to the use of the image on Miravida print and digital materials



Testing now moved to MONTHLY! For UNVACCINATED STAFF only.

Our next round of universal testing in our nursing homes (Bethel Home and Eden Meadows) is noted below. This testing is per the recommendations of the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Winnebago County Health Department. Your commitment to the testing is appreciated as we continue to work together in creating a safe environment for our residents and employees. As the positivity rate decreases, we are able to reduce the frequency of employee testing.

  • BETHEL HOME | Resident Family Lounge, in basement across from the library
  • NEXT TESTING: TUESDAY, June 29th, 6-9am and 12-3pm
  • EDEN MEADOWS | Rehab Conference Room
  • NEXT TESTING: TUESDAY, July 6th from 10am-2:30pm


A friendly reminder to our Miravida community:

  • Transmission rates remain at a moderate rate, universal eye protection continues. There are two counties in Northern Wisconsin that have moved to low which is encouraging. Once Winnebago county reaches low we no longer have to wear universal eye protection!
  • According to the newly released CDC guidance, masking requirements have not changed for nursing facilities. This means that as we celebrate the end of masking for parts of our community, we will continue to require check-in screening, masking, and social distancing for visitors, residents, and team members at Miravida Living. Thank you for your continued love and support as we joyfully recognize the forward movement and work together to overcome this pandemic.




The COVID 19 vaccine is not a live virus, meaning it cannot give you COVID 19. The goal is to teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19. Sometimes this process can cause symptoms, such as fever. These symptoms are normal and are a sign that the body is building immunity.

The COVID-19 vaccine is a mRNA vaccine (Messenger RNA vaccine). It does not affect or interact with our DNA in any way. It never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA (genetic material) is kept. The cell breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA soon after it is finished using the information to fight the virus.

If a Miravida Living staff member experiences mild COVID-like symptoms following administration of the vaccine, they will be allowed to work after taking a rapid COVID test which will be performed at work.

Miravida Living will be getting the Moderna vaccine.

You can receive the vaccine 2 weeks after having a positive COVID test.

Yes. The effectiveness of the vaccine is 95%. To maintain safety of the entire Miravida Living community, testing will continue.

Yes, until we have further guidance from CDC

No, not right away. We need to fully understand the effectiveness of the vaccinations and their impact on our community before being able to change the way we offer dining services and activities.

Click HERE to access an informational document that provides more details about the vaccine. This document was provided to us by Walgreens (our vaccination partner) and developed by Moderna.

  • https://www.modernatx.com/covid19vaccine-eua/recipients/
  • https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/vaccine-benefits/facts.html
  • https://www.leadingage.org/regulation/vaccines-interview-dr-joshua-sharfstein
  • https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mrna.html
  • https://www.fda.gov/media/144638/download




The Miravida Living Working With Wonder team encourages you to continue to be mindful of your own health. Please feel free to reference the ideas that were on your bingo card back in April. Working With Wonder is a team dedicated to providing employees with opportunities to get engaged in the Miravida Living culture through activities, challenges, and special treats every month at each building. Continue to check Miravida Moments and flyers in your buildings for each month’s activity. We are excited to work with you, and for you! 


Miravida Living Team, here you can find both internal and community resources to help you navigate through this time. Sending you heartfelt thanks for the care and services you are providing for our residents and the support you are giving to one another.


This free community closet contains different items that might be useful to you in your time of need. It's open and available 24/7 and is located in the Bethel Home Basement across from the employee lounge.


Every one of our employees are crucial members of the Miravida Living Team. While you are providing the best care and attention to our residents, it is important that you are taking care of yourselves. Your physical and mental health is a priority- please, reach out - you're worth it. Don't hesitate to contact our spiritual services team or the Human Resources department for assistance.


I am witnessing your commitment to our residents and one another. While proud of you every day, today, I am inspired by you. The journey ahead is likely to be months and I know we will weather the challenges together. Take care of your health so, you can take care of the residents counting on us to be at our best. 💜 Theresa Bertram, CEO

If you have questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out.

Kari Hawkinson, VP Human Resources

Miravida Living

(920) 232-5216