♡ LOVE ♡
WE LOVE OTHERS • Love is what motivates our every expression. It is our gateway to serve with grace, humbleness and hospitality.
♡ JOY ♡
WE LIVE JOYFULLY • Joy is independent of the good or bad things that happen in the course of the day, it is a choice. And each day, we choose joy.
WE CULTIVATE PEACEFULNESS • There is a presence of tranquility, even while in a place of busyness. We identify that sense and bring it forward to influence the events of the day.
WE CHERISH PATIENCE • To learn, grow, serve one another and our elders, we model patience. This creates the opportunity for work and joy to emerge.
WE CHOOSE KINDNESS • Giving and receiving kindness is good for the soul. It is infectious and connects us with one another, leading to happier lives.
WE EXEMPLIFY FAITHFULNESS • Faithfulness shapes the way we live and work. It promises loyalty in our relationships and grants trust among us as a team and community.
WE COMMIT TO GENTLENESS • Gentleness is in our core. Empowering us with a tender, compassionate approach toward others. It produces peace, calm, and consistency of character.
WE EMPLOY SELF-CONTROL • We offer grace, patience, resourcefulness, and empathetic behaviors allowing us to manage our thoughts, actions, and emotions and present the very best of ourselves to those around us.
♡ The Heart of Miravida: Our Beliefs ♡
Our daily contributions shape an environment where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control is discovered every day.
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Read on for important staff information and fun upcoming events planned for our team.
Check back frequently for the most up-to-date information from across campus.

The Heart of Miravida:
Our Beliefs” Tees


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You are part of what makes Miravida Living beautiful each and every day. The exchanges with residents and the joy created is because of you. That narrative can only be shared if you tell the story. Use the link to submit a moment that may be used in print or digital publications.

the store is back open

The Miravida Store operates on a monthly fulfillment cycle. At the end of each month, the store temporarily closes (don’t worry, just for a day or two) processes orders and reopens for the next month of shopping. Orders typically are delivered in two to four weeks after processing.

A Team Shoutout to Deb
Deb always comes in with a big smile and positive attitude. She has a beautiful personality that everyone just adores. Thanks for being you Deb! We all love you!
A Team Shoutout to Tracy
You're the glue that holds us together! You are flexible and knowledgeable in many areas and you are always willing to help out. I love listening to you interact with co-workers, residents and family members. I chuckle in my office when I hear you having a conversation or laughing with others.
A Team Shoutout to Miravida
I am so grateful for the wonderful cake and flowers. I have been so honored to have reached this 45th anniversary and am grateful for the support of my colleagues. Love, Laura
A Team Shoutout to Sue
Sue.....you are simply delightful. You obviously know your stuff but you have what you can't teach or train people.....you have charisma and it shows in your work. Thank you for all you do and I enjoy working with you as well as our monthly lunches!
A Team Shoutout to Brent F and Dietary
Thank you for cooking up the yummy food for picnic day you are always willing to go out of your way to help out for our residents and staff! Thank you Dietary as well for helping out with set up..
A Team Shoutout to Eden CNAs
Thank you to all the many CNAs at Eden who have helped with keeping our building fresh and clean as we continue to look to hire a housekeeper. You are all AMAZING!!!
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Is a selfie really a selfie, if you take it with a friend? Regardless... take a photo together with some members of your team and submit it here. The banner on this page depends on it. So get your smile on, bribe your co-worker and let's snap those pics.


Every one of our employees are crucial members of the Miravida Living Team. While you are providing the best care and attention to our residents, it is important that you are taking care of yourselves. Your physical and mental health is a priority- please, reach out - you're worth it. Don't hesitate to contact our spiritual services team or the Human Resources department for assistance.


Miravida Living houses COMMUNITY CLOSETS (currently at Bethel Home in the basement across from the employee lounge and coming soon to Gabriel's Villa and Eden) where neighbors help neighbors. These free community closets contain different items that may be useful in a time of need. It's open, anonymous, and free. Please help yourself.


The Miravida Store operates on a monthly fulfillment cycle. At the end of each month, the store temporarily closes (don’t worry, just for a day or two) processes orders and reopens for the next month of shopping. Orders typically are delivered in two to four weeks after processing.

Get your purple on… don’t miss the chance to order some Miravida apparel through our new team store. 

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Kari Hawkinson, VP Human Resources

Miravida Living

(920) 232-5216


I am witnessing your commitment to our residents and one another. While proud of you every day, today, I am inspired by you. The journey ahead is likely to be months and I know we will weather the challenges together. Take care of your health so, you can take care of the residents counting on us to be at our best. 💜 Theresa Bertram, CEO