Painting Strokes of Honor and Respect

The days are growing shorter and the nights are getting colder as we await the change of the seasons. The hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season is heavily anticipated… and inevitably days are often overlooked.  

But not today.  

Today has been on the hearts of our Miravida Living community for quite some time. Especially the heart… and hands… of Danielle Schmunk, an LPN at Gabriel’s Villa. Danielle has spent countless hours using her incredible artistic abilities to create a mural in the activity room honoring military residents.  

Danielle honored each branch of the Armed Forces by hand painting their unique seal, along with a shadowed soldier and United States Flag. The finished wall also accompanies photos of veterans from Gabriel’s Villa. Along with her talents, her heart paints a warm picture of honor and respect. With gratitude, we thank Danielle for her gift as the mural will permanently serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made. 

This afternoon, we will honor all veterans and those living in the Miravida Living Community. It is an opportunity to bring together our larger community to show gratitude and support for the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and democracy. It is a privilege to recognize this day and the bravery that our veterans have embodied in the past. We hope you will join us this afternoon at 2pm in the Bethel Home Chapel for a music performance, speakers and roll call of the Miravida Living veterans.