Living With Wonder: How Sensory Experiences Impact Elders

People living with dementia rely heavily on their senses, so at Miravida Living we focus on introducing activities and hobbies that stimulate the senses, revive memories and encourage muscle memory for actions that may have been forgotten. We’re going to look at a few innovations we offer at Miravida Living that stimulate the senses to help our elders live with wonder.

Music & Memory – Sound

For elders living with dementia, music has a unique power to revive memories and encourage listeners to recall specific moments in their lives. Studies have shown that music can increase brain activity and communication in people with dementia. Miravida Living provides residents with an iPod loaded with their favorite songs by their favorite artists to help recall memories.

Namaste Care Program – Sight, Sound, Touch and Scent

Our Namaste Care Program is designed to improve the quality of life for people living with advanced dementia through sensory activities, such as hand and foot massages, personal grooming, seasonal scents, nature videos and more. Namaste Care offers a variety of personalized experiences for each individual.

Noah’s Landing – Touch

Our Noah’s Landing Program incorporates cats and dogs into everyday life at Bethel Home, Eden Meadows and Elijah’s Place. There are lots of dogs with big brown eyes, cold noses and wagging tails looking for attention. There are cats coyly longing to be petted and full of purrs. Our residents are always ready to share their love.

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