Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

“Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of the nation.”  —  Margaret Mead

It is proven time and time again that intergenerational friendships create timeless bonds. Studies have shown that intergenerational relationships are important to society, which is one of the many reasons why we encourage them here at Miravida Living. Every year we work with local schools and organizations to promote opportunities to form these relationships.

Older adults who have intergenerational friendships consistently report having better physical and mental health, and higher degrees of life satisfaction. They also tend to be more optimistic and hopeful for the future. Elders use these relationships as a way to pass along their knowledge, stories and experiences.

Elders aren’t the only ones who benefit. Children and teens also have a lot to gain from these connections. Older adult mentors can help children develop life skills, build self-esteem, improve social skills and boost confidence. These friendships can also diminish harmful ageist stereotypes.

There are many activities at Miravida Living that help intergenerational relationships thrive. Most recently, we had Cub Scouts from Oakwood Elementary participate in Christmas activities at Eden Meadows. In 2017, we also had students from Oshkosh North High School visit our elders to help them become more proficient with technology through the amazing
Seniors Content outreach project. We’ve also welcomed Roosevelt Elementary School students to visit with our elders to practice reading and share stories.

We look forward to hosting more students in 2018!

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