Offering Our Services To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Theresa Bertram, our president and CEO, saw this viral photo of victims of Hurricane Harvey stranded in their nursing home and knew Miravida Living had to do something to help.

“When I saw the elders sitting in floodwater, I was in tears,” Theresa said. “I know Miravida Living has the ability to offer assistance. This is who we are, and this is what we do.”

The residents of La Vita Bella in Dickinson, Texas, gained national media attention Aug. 27, 2017, after someone tweeted a photo of them sitting in waist-deep, rising floodwater. The elders were rescued the same day and moved to an assisted living facility in Galveston, Texas, that was also impacted by the winds and floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.

We are now offering to coordinate transportation, receive elders at Bethel Home, and provide needed care and services. We are also making a studio apartment available for La Vita Bella’s owner/administrator, so she can accompany her residents to Wisconsin. Our chaplains, medical professionals and volunteers will be available to help the victims recover from the trauma of the flooding and resulting health and emotional concerns.

“As I began to think about how we can help, I began to think about how Miravida Living can be part of the solution – how our team can be part of the solution,” Theresa said. “We can do what we always do. We can extend our hearts, care, and hospitality to these elders.”

Theresa is in contact with Texas and Wisconsin government officials to connect the elders with our services as soon as possible.

She is also talking to local news outlets to get the word out. Theresa talked with WTAQ Aug. 29, and the transcript of the interview is available online. Check back on our blog and our Facebook page for the latest news about our efforts.