Miravida Living Bethel Home Renovations

Here at Miravida Living, we want residents to be proud to call our facility home. We aim to provide not only state-of-the-art care, but also state-of-the-art facilities. To achieve this goal, we periodically update our campus to best match the needs of our residents. Over the past year, we’ve been renovating Bethel Home to create a space for our residents to thrive, and we can’t wait to show it off! A lot of thought and consideration went into the designs to make sure Bethel Home does not look or feel like a typical elder care facility. Colors, furnishings, artwork, and decorations were all chosen to create a warm, inviting environment with timeless understated elegance. Our goal is to always be a place that our residents are pleased with and that their loved ones feel comfortable and excited to visit. We upgraded all the common areas of Bethel Home, including the hallways, family rooms, dining areas, chapel and reception area. The gift shop, conference rooms and offices have also been renovated with the help of funding from the Miravida Living Foundation. The remodel includes updated carpeting, flooring, furnishings, artwork, decorations, window treatments, signage and more. Residents even came together and had a blast voting on what they wanted to name specific areas of the facility. This process has been a huge collaborative effort. While there are still a few finishing touches needed, we are elated about the transformation. We hope residents have a renewed sense of pride to live here and feel at home. We also believe that this transformation gives families and community members peace of mind knowing that the attention paid to our facility reflects how much we care about our residents and their experience at Miravida Living. If you’re interested in making more renovations possible for our community, please consider making a donation.