Aging And Elder Care On Your Own Terms

“I discovered that people are not really afraid of dying; they’re afraid of not ever having lived.” — Joseph Jaworski

Getting older can seem intimidating, but it’s easier and more enjoyable when you think about it as an opportunity for new, wonderful and unique experiences. Our mission is to create an environment where people celebrate the wonder, beauty and perspective of life that comes from aging on their own terms. Aging is the beginning of a wonderful time in one’s life, a chance for new adventures, experiences and opportunities to unleash creativity.

Elders can benefit from knowing that they are an invaluable member of their communities and the world around them. Many people describe aging in terms of appearance, but it is much more accurate to focus on the skills they have earned throughout their life by using words like caring, loving, wise and strong. These are characteristics that are gained through experiencing life to the fullest, and they can be shared with the surrounding community.

Residents here choose the accommodations and amenities that best pair with their lifestyle, outlook and future goals. Whether it’s the warm, inviting apartment living at Carmel Residence and the Simeannas, exceptional assisted living and dementia care at Gabriel’s Villa and Elijah’s Place, or skilled nursing care and rehabilitative therapies at Bethel Home and Eden Meadows, there is a place for everyone. They live life on their own terms. There are a variety of programs, activities and amenities available. Every choice is theirs to make, whether it’s the time they have their coffee or how they spend an afternoon.

Miravida Living offers access to a wide array of innovative programs based on the best practices for aging and elder care. Residents get extraordinary experiences through Green House Homes, Namaste Care, Music & Memory, Cycling Without Age, Noah’s Landing, TimeSlips and more. Each program nourishes the mind, body and soul to help the aging process be as meaningful and impactful as possible. Residents are also invited to participate in engaging weekly activities like exercise classes, games, crafts, outings in the community, virtual reality, happy hours and more. Everyone has an opportunity to grow and live fully at Miravida Living.
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